Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday

Don't think it's stopped raining all day but the garden needs it. All the veggies are coming along nicely. Had a very lazy day today. Lucky me!! Our son, dil & granddaughter got back from their Spanish holiday late last night so we were very happy to see them this morning especially our little girl. We have missed her so much.
Having decided to do nothing today I found myself with all these ideas popping in to my head for cards so of course I had to settle down & make some. OH is nagging me to make some samples to take to 2 local florists in the hope that they might be willing to stock my cards. Bless him!!When I get round to taking some pics I may post them on here.
Unfortunately it's back to work tomorrow. It's not a very happy place to be at the moment with lots going on. Will have to wait & see what happens.
Also waiting impatiently for my Remember When decoupage to arrive( along with a few other bits & bobs.

Greta x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Where does the time go?

Since my last post on here I seem to have had no time to spare at all. I've been working full time & been up to my ears in card orders. The first I'm not keen on but the second I'm really happy about lol.
We are having a visitor this evening. Pollyanna was at Surrey University with our older son & sort of adopted us as extra parents. She's a lovely girl but we've not see her for quite some time - really looking forward to it. Shame Brian won't be around to see her but he is in Spain with his wife & daughter. I have missed them a lot & can't wait till they get home at the weekend.
I have a lovely crafty day to look forward to as well. Several of us from the Imag-e-nation forum are going to Pippa's for the day. Not sure how much crafting will get done but no doubt there will be lots of laughter! Can't wait.
When I've got a bit more free time I'll get some images on here too. Hopefully soon lol.

Greta x

Sunday, 11 May 2008

A very hot Sunday

Too warm to do very much today but our tortoise - Pasty - has been virtually running round the garden eating everything she could find! Oh has sprayed spider deterrent round all the doors & windows - hope it works! I have managed to make a few cards today & may even get round to taking some photos of them before they are sent -lol Got one of the pasty with the remains of her strawberries.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

What have I done?

I can't believe a throwaway remark from a friend resulted in me starting a blog! I'm not at all sure even what the content of this will be. Think I will just go with the flow & see what evolves :o)

Baby Gift Ideas
Baby Gift Ideas