Friday, 6 February 2009

A Snowy Day

A very unusual occurence in Surrey but we had REAL snow LOL. It was quite deep - 15" on my table in the garden. While the rest of the world find it amazing that we don't cope very well with snow we have to remember that it's 18 years since we last had deep snow.
It certainly engendered a lot of community spirit in our road. The occupants of 5 houses were out in the street building an igloo. Everyone who walked past took photos & laughed & joked about renting it. Our granddaughter thought it was just the right size for her to live in & here she is fishing for her dinner LOL. The other -very poor- photo is of the card she made for her new friends- the students from one of the houses. It involved tearing lots of paper & lots of sticking so was very enjoyable for both of us. I just wish she had let me take a better pic before she delivered it though.

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PeeJay said...

Looks as though Grandad found it fascinating as well - lol!!! Tell Lily it's a lovely card but she really should have let Nanny take a better picture.

Joanie said...

Tell Lily I think her card is beautiful, and you both did a perfect job on the tearing! lol
I love the igloo, just the right size for Lily, as for the fishing,I expect Granddad was waiting for his dinner! lol
Love Joanie xxxx


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