Sunday, 19 April 2009

A couple of cards at last

So much for having more time for blogging! Where does it go? I've been quite unwell for a couple of weeks but am feeling better now. Until today that is when I fell over not once but twice in my son's garden. I am battered & bruised down my left side & expect to feel a bit stiff & sore in the morning. I count myself very lucky that I didn't break anything not even my specs although they took a bit of a battering too- LOL. The brief for one card was shoes, handbag, pink & sparkly & the other is an Ollyphant stamp of a little boy. I love this image.

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chris said...

Hi there Greta, hope you are feeling better, Im sorry to hear you had such a nasty fall.

The cards are lovely, you are talented.


Greta said...

Thanks Chris.I'm ok thanks.
Greta x

Daisycat said...

Lovely cards Greta I also love that little boy he just looks so mischevious.

Joanie said...

Hello Greta
Glad you are feeling a bit better today after your bad fall, hope you are having a lovely day with Lily.
Your cards are lovely, I love the little boy too, so very cute!
Take care
Love Joanie xxxx

My'scardcorner said...

Sorry to hear about your fall Greta and hope you are feeling better now:0) Love both cards the pink shoes and the stamped boy by the fence is so cute

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Just catching up Greta, I know what you mean by where does the time go.. sorry to see you have been poorly and just when you are getting better you go and have a fall, glad you are OK.

Love both the cards, cute little boy and those shoes and handbag are beautiful,

Chris x


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