Saturday, 11 July 2009

Painting & decorating

Well that's exactly what Lily & I have been doing this morning -lol. Everything, & I mean everything, in the dining room has glitter or sparkly stars on it. We have been painting & decorating boxes - lol & she says they're all for her Mummy! Lucky Mummy is all I can say!!!!

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Joanie said...

I think Lily has a natural talent with glitter lol
I am sure Nic will be very pleased with them, well done Lily, they are beautiful xxxxxx

Sylvia said...

They are beautiful and well done Lily......her Mum will love them....xx

Sylvia R xx

Carol said...

Aww bless her:)

Isn't glitter supposed to go everyehere then??
She looks like she had a great 4 th Birthday - belated Birthday wishes from me too Lily.


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