Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Very Important Day

Our lovely granddaughter Lily started school at the grand age of 4 years & 2 months. She absolutely loves it & can't wait to get there each morning.
I think this pic says 'Do you like my uniform?'

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chris said...

She looks so happy and cute Greta, I bet you are really proud.

Carol said...

Aww Hugs to Lily - glad she's settling in so well and quickly, bet you miss her company though!

Have a great weekend

Joanie said...

What a lovely pic of Lily, and isn't she looking good in her new uniform.
Hard to believe she is at Nursery School now, where did the time go?
Joanie xxxx

Greta said...

Joanie she's not at nursery. She's in the reception class at 'big' school. x

Sylvia said...

She looks so grown up in her uniform they don't stay little for long do they.
No wonder your proud she's adorable

Sylvia xxx

kath Teabelly said...

Aww Greta
She looks so grown up in her uniform Lily Is Lovely
x x x x


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