Sunday, 8 June 2008

Grandma do I look gorgeous?

asked my soon to be 3 years old granddaughter after she applied her 'lispick' lol. She doesn't have a bruise above her left eye either - that's eyeshadow lol

We all had to have a share of her makeup including Grangrand & Daddy. Wow did they look gorgeous!

She has been helping to wash the cars today & I think Grangrand got wetter than the cars. She has a very good action with a hose pipe!

Greta x


Joanie said...

My but they soon grow up! lol
Doesn't she look fab too, well I bet you all did!!

Love Joanie xxxx

kath Teabelly said...

Greta She Is So Gorgeous
Doesn't she look Lovely With The Lipstick on

Love KathTeabelly

Carol said...

Awww bless her, brilliant photo... she can wash my car any day too!!
Great blog
Carol aka

Claral said...

Well said.


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