Saturday, 14 June 2008

I am so lucky

For ages now I have resisted getting a cuttlebug. I have my old Sissix & the embossing folders work perfectly well in there so I felt I couldn't justify the cost. Chatting to my DIL a couple of weeks back & she told me No1 son was going to the States on business so just said if he could fit one in his case I'd be happy to pay the American price for one. I did know however that he wouldn't have time for shopping in his busy schedule so expected nothing.
When we returned with our granddaughter at lunchtime today there was a Cuttlebug waiting for me! Not from the States cos he had no time for shopping or room in his luggage but both my sons had chipped in for it from a site over here. Bless their hearts.xx
The best bit is the money I had put aside for it I can now spend on folders - lol.

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Anonymous said...

How fantastic is that Greta, you must be so chuffed, bless them, what a lovely thought. Yes.... spendies on folders now!! Best investment I ever bought, the CB, I love it, and the folders are lovely... so.. enjoy.. and cant wait to see what cards you make .. xx Jackie x


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