Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Remember When

We've had a beautiful couple of days here in Surrey. On Monday our granddaughter spent all morning in & out of her paddling pool while I sat with my feet up next to the pool. This is the first time this year that's been out so she was over the moon. While I was hanging the washing out a dragonfly landed on my outstretched arm. I so needed someone there with a camera just at that instant but it wasn't to be.
I have actually got round to making & have sold a card using the Remember When decoupage from It has photographed very badly - no - I have photographed it very badly - so the lovely sheen doesn't show very well & the colours aren't quite right :o(. Can't wait for the new set to come out!

Greta x


Liz said...

Lovely card Greta and love the one you did earlier. Welcome to the land of blogs - almost as addictive as the forum. x

Joanie said...

A lovely card Greta, well done on your first "remember when" look forward to seeing them all.
Love Joanie xxxx


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