Monday, 7 July 2008

Had a busy day

with my 3 year old granddaughter today. First off we went out jumping in puddles. She had a wonderful time & got absolutely Can you guess from the pic what we did next? What is it about children & scraping out mixing bowls? lol I have been made up, had my hair done. made jigsaw puzzles, read stories & played with dollies - I'm worn out!!

I've made a card with my new stamp. I just had to do it in Clarice Cliff colours cos it put me in mind of her but not sure whether I like it or not.

I'd welcome any comments -good, bad or indifferent.
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Joanie said...

Great pics Greta, doesnt Lily look good lol
Love your card, I do like the bright colours, well done Buddy.
LLove Joanie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

lily looks fab and l love the card cos l adore anything Clarice Cliff........luv Dimps xxxx

Liz said...

Lovely card Greta, have you visited my blog yet I have something for you. x

Anonymous said...

Lily's certainly had fun and I love the colours used on the card - they are just right

Kim xxx

Susan (Daisycat) said...

Gorgeous granddaughter Greta and also love the card.

Jan R said...

That was always my fave job when I was young - to clean the bowl!!!
Lovely card Greta, so colourful.

Cazz said...

I like it Greta xxx Isn't it funny how we are never too sure of out own achievements xx

Your grandaughter looks like she had a load of fun xx

Jak said...

I think it's a great card Greta, I think we all panic when we create outside our comfort zone, but this is very fresh and modern.

PeeJay said...

What a cutie - and Lily ain't bad either - lol!! Take a visit to my Rambling's as you'll find something there for you

Joanie said...

Hello Buddy
Guess who has just given you another award?? lol

Love Joanie xxxx

Liz said...

Greta please remember to visit my blog I have an award for you. x

Bev said...

It's fabulous Greta, love the colours - they suit the stamp perfectly!


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