Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oops I've been tagged again

Thanks Toni lol. I can only do what my tagger has done & update you on the things I have to do today -lol
1 I have to work till lunchtime today
2 I have 3 cards to make for an order
3 I have to sort out a box of cards for my friend to take away with her this weekend to hopefully sell to the friends she is going with.
4 I need to have a tidy up on my table cos there are a couple of things I can't find.
5 If I have the time I would like to have a play with the new Dovecraft papers I bought at the weekend.
Who shall I tag in return??
Can only think of one at the moment but will add the others later so Carol you're it!!

Thanks for visiting

1 comment:

Carol said...

Oh errr... I did it a while ago lol and forgot to tell you.......soo sorry

I love the bright colours on tour new card and the cards made with your poppy image

Lokks like you had a brilliant fun day today.

Carol :0)


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Baby Gift Ideas