Monday, 14 July 2008

A sunny day for a change

It's been a beautiful day here - warm enough to get the paddling pool out which I duly did, filled it using buckets. Lily was very excited & couldn't wait to get in so I came indoors for 2 secs to pick up a towel & where is she? Not in the paddling pool but sitting in the bucket of water I had been filling the pool with - lol.

I managed to make a card today but not sure whether I like it or not I've used Freds flowers & Secret Garden papers. I would appreciate any comments - good , bad or indifferent!

Thanks for visiting


Kathteabelly said...

Aww Greta
Your Card Is Gorgeous
Love Kathteabelly

Joanie said...

Lovely card Greta, I love the green so fresh looking, and the flowers are beautiful, well done!

Love Joanie xxxx

Liz said...

Lovely card Greta have been admiring everyone's cards with Fred Flowers so have bought myself some. x

chris said...

Greta those cards are brill, very artistic. Thanks for stopping by my blog, so kind of you.


Carol said...

I think it's lovely, flowers and green foliage are brilliant!!

Chuckling at DGD'S sitting in the bucket ...bless!!


Margaret A said...

Love the card...I've had to get freds flowers too....don't know if I'll ever use them though.


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